Press Corps, Egmont Palace

Press Corps, Egmont Palace

Originally uploaded by Katharine C

Oh, it’s just YOU? A disappointed press corps at the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs was waiting for the Benelux prime ministers to arrive for a regional summit on immigration during the European Summit last week, when five of us ‘nobodies’ walked in. It was the last day of our English class at the MOFA and a perfect way to sum up the extravagant experience of teaching at an actual palace full of diplomats and hotshots. In spring during English class we looked out the window and saw the Belgian king! We often saw the red carpet out–this time there was none, but over Christmas when the royal family came there literally was a red carpet. Ahh, Egmont Palace… I will miss my 4 awesome students there most of all, who were such fun all year–but you don’t know them so I won’t go on 🙂


2 thoughts on “Press Corps, Egmont Palace

  1. Typical. You work in a palace. I work in a pole barn. No really. Literally a pole barn.

    Quote from your lovely photo pages:

    “Cyrus, who originally wanted the English name Virus till I talked him out of it.” This made me burst out in spontaneous laughter and three people asked me what was so funny. I had a student (mainlander) who INSISTED that his English name should be “LeBron”.

    PS I’m putting in my “new” blog as my web address on the off chance I actually decide to start blogging. You know. In my spare time.

  2. A pole barn without 50% tax… It’s not like I’m not subsidizing my workplace!

    Ja, those nutty names we hear! I had another student with the name ‘Color’ that I had to draw the line at. Language & culture are inseperable, you are teaching both.

    New blog! Whoo-hoo! I’ll be keeping an eye peeled for your spare time 🙂
    xoxo Kath

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