Great day

I had a great day today. It was momentous because it was the last day of teaching at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and I really loved teaching them. We had a lovely lunch at l’Orangerie near Egmond Palace at Porte de Namur. (The MOFA is at Egmont Palace). I gotta figure out how to upload photos!!! We went back to the MOFA to take pictures around the Palace and it was a perfect MOFA moment. The PM’s of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg arrived while we were standing in the parking lot. They were having a conference on immigration in Benelux before the European Summit. I got so many photos! Never in my life will I teach English again where I see the members of the diplomatic corps and heads of state (I also saw the Belgian king one day while teaching English there).

I *shoulda* taken pics of the setup at Schuman station of the EC meeting. It’s a big shebang. A big stage, roadblocks, part of the metro station closed, and a dozen news vans with satellite dishes on top crowding outside. I thought it was kinda meh for locals but actually the people who’d read this might find BXL stuff to be kinda fun. Next time, I promise… I just gotta take the time to learn to upload photos.

In sewing news I was *determined* to have a nice new dress for the occasion of my last class at the MOFA. I came through! Yes even though I have boxes of stash, none really called to me so I bought a chartruese linen-cotton blend at 6pm, right when the fabric store was closing. At midnight DH was turning the self-fabric belt inside-out and I was hemming it. It was a virgin pattern, already traced and altered: Knip Mode April 2007, dress #10–a surplice princess seam for wovens. I’m wearing it now. It was so nice to have on today, I love summer dresses!


4 thoughts on “Great day

  1. Yes, dear one, you MUST learn to upload photos b/c I want to see that chartreuse linen dress! So glad you’re blogging–such a nice way to keep up with all the excitement in your life. *smooch*

  2. Must see pictures, must see pictures.

    Is it a question of figuring out how to do it in the blogging software? I will investigate, forthwith. Verily!

    Um, sorry. It’s really too early to be up and thinking.

  3. Kristine! Turns out I am on my blog right now trying to get it sorted!!! Howdy 🙂 If it’s any consolation I’m still tired and it’s 3 pm.

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