Made scarves

When all else fails, make an easy project. On Monday I bought 30cm of 5 beautiful fabrics from the chic boutique at Porte de Namur, the same place where the roof collapsed while I was in the store in January. It’s my first fabric purchase from there, as they are *so* expensive. E65 later, I had the makings for summer scarves, and even carved out new color territory by purchasing a fantastic light navy & blue African print cotton. I love African prints and am terribly jealous of the African ladies walking past so elegantly in traditional clothes made in beautiful fabrics, so when I found a remnant I snatched it up. They are impossible to find unless you are African, DH tells me that the African fabric shops in the Netherlands will not let you enter the store without an African passport. The whole family assures me this is true, as well as our Dutch uncle and Burkina Fasoan aunt so that must be why I never, ever can find those beautiful fabrics. Anyhoo.

Last night after work I broke out my narrow hem foot for the first time and used it to hem 2 cotton scarves. I might reserve hand-rolling for the silks, but honestly if that becomes a barrier to me wearing and enjoying these scarves I’m going to hem them by machine too. Perfectionism has stopped me LONG ENOUGH in sewing. It’s better to have wearable clothes and enjoy the fabrics you buy then to wait till you have the time/skills/energy to do it “perfectly.” There is no such thing as perfect.

You know what? I wore my first DIY scarf today, and it pulled together together an otherwise boring light periwinkle top and plain dark brown linen pants. I couldn’t wait t wear my new project. Fait accompli!


2 thoughts on “Made scarves

  1. This is very cool, btw. I think making scarves as a pick-me-up is a really great idea. Unfortunately I am SO not a scarf person, so if I made them I just wouldn’t have anything to do with them. I’m jealous. I wish I had a simple project to complete. Er… well, I did just make three pairs of legging/shorts for Livy because her teacher said she can’t wear dresses to school without shorts underneath. Sheesh.

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