‘Simplicity’ jackets

I finished a 2 month-old UFO muslin: a Simplicity Easy Chic OOP jacket that’s just a simple collarless design with a surplice front and waist ties. I traced a 40 and when I was cutting the rest of it this morning (I had only cut the front in April) I knew it would be too big. Throwing it on, it was at least a size too large, and that was with all the darts sewn in. This pattern didn’t entice me too much anyway, so I set it aside in favor of an another such OOP that has been mouldering in the stash since I lived in the Netherlands (2003), waiting for its moment to shine. I compared the measurements and the UFO wrap is 1/2″ bigger in body ease. So I traced a 38 and was busy altering it this afternooon till the siesta hour hit. I tried to hold it off. Just want to finish altering the back! Then as I was just taping up the +1cm width broad back alteration, I realized I’d slashed along the grainline straight up into the neckline. The line I’d just ruled in to slash for a BBA was pristine. Whoops! It’s not a good idea to cut when you’re tired.
Unfortunately, this was just the excuse I ‘needed’ to take the rest of the day off sewing. 😦


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