Back, biceps & shoulders

I did Cathe’s Gym Style BB&S today, using the 36-minute premix. (NAYY) Have I mentioned that I Love doing back & biceps? They are my favo(u)rite places to work. I just finished and am now eating breakfast. Yay! It’s June and I’m turning over a new leaf. The Brussels city skate nights start today (On va roulez!), but it’s drizzly so it might be cancelled. My friend Bruno is one of the head honchos for the skate, he’ll let me know. Nice guy!

My health goals this week are to exercise regularly–including strength work–and chart my energy intake/output. Portion sizes will come next, but for now it’s just those two goals. I don’t think I could get off my duff, chart stuff, AND keep a weather eye on portions right from the re-start, it’s too much. I use’s PC software, which at a $30 download is a real bargain. (NAYY) It calculates everything for me and has this neat little calendar feature that has icons on days you charted food, exercise, your mood, or wrote in the diary. I like seeing the days fill up with icons.

Initially I thought charting food was the worst drudgery of all, but once you try it with a system that works it just takes a couple minutes at the end of every day. I spend that much time surfing the Internet, I could spare 3 minutes for my health. I read that people who chart food have the best long-term weight management success. Since I 2002 I gained a size and it has wobbled on, wobbled off occasionally. I want that off for good. I’m not a big person but my health would benefit from shedding a few pounds.


2 thoughts on “Back, biceps & shoulders

  1. Hi Katherine! I just found your blog from the link Debbie has on her blog today. And look – you have me on your list:))))

    I have not had a chance to have a good look around but your post caught my eye as I am putting going off to the gym at this very moment! Today I am due to do chest and back. My favourite parts to work on are…..none 😦 I am so trying to get definition – a long and slow process. But I have to agree that if you want to lose body fat the best thing is to write down exactly what you are eating and drinking. When I do that the weight does come off, because you really are aware of the number of calories you are consuming and you think twice about that extra glass of wine or the size of that bowl of icecream. Good luck!

  2. Hi Vicky! Thanks for dropping in. I have to work out at home or I totally procrastinate about going to the gym 🙂 Writing down everything is helping, after seeing my calorie count yesterday as -70 I weighed my cereal this morning, was more careful all day, and voila I ‘effortlessly’ got a much better deficit today. It works! Now go to the gym girl :)))

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