Lust List

Neue Mode patterns are so expensive…
S 24310 dress that look slightly maternity
S 23242 nice & low cut, with princess seams in the dress
S 23388 another Asian Persuasian jacket

Hot Patterns Deco Vibe Cosmopolitan Dress which is something like $14 or $20. Consolation prize: Butterick 4976


4 thoughts on “Lust List

  1. Girl, you can so make do with the Butterick. It’s on sale next week (or maybe even this week) so I’ll get you one. So there.

  2. Oh no! (Mock groan!) Here I had just studied the Knip Mode drawings since last evening: draft in a back waist seam at the waist notch so I can make a full skirt, then came the guessing game on how much fullness to add to the skirt. Better make a muslin. Now you’ve saved me! You are *such* a sweetheart Kristine xx Are you game for another sewing mag sometime over summer? I’ll be moving in August so ‘last call’ is on the horizon.

  3. Sure, I’d love some summery Knip Mode or Sandra Mode. And I still have a package to send you, uh… DH left it in his car. Doh! It’s on it’s way tomorrow, I promise! And Butterick IS on sale this weekend.

  4. Oh no, don’t send yet! I emailed ya 🙂 Plus I’m having seconds thoughts about that Butterick dress, not because it isn’t FIERCE but because I already have an easily modifiable pattern on hand and there are so many at BK I don’t have, yet want… Budgetary considerations in other words.

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