Chest and triceps

I’m so proud, it’s been ages since I did weights and this morning I (a) did a strength workout (b) did chest & triceps, my 2nd fave body area to work and (c) did it on an empty stomach, which is the best way to shed fat. Yay!!! I sit trembling slightly at the computer after Cathe’s Gym Style Chest & Triceps I did the 32-minute Timesaver premix with light weights throughout as someone new or returning to strength work has to strengthen the ligaments before taking heavy weights… lucky for that, as heavy weights would impose a dread factor!

All it took was a little determination, plugging in my speakers to the computer (we usually use headphones), and picking up a resistance band last week in Amsterdam while Tiffany and Matt were visiting.

Holy guacamole, there was a 3-car accident directly below my house! Everyone is OK. The front car had an infant but the baby is OK and Mom is shaken but alright. Whew. I’m not taking a picture as these sorts of things are better forgotten.


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