Patterns and fabric

I picked up Burda 7937, Asian-style dress / topand the adorable Burda Young Fashion 7997 sleepwear set to prepare for going to Hong Kong in late August. Thinking along those lines, I bought some linen as Hong Kong summers are sweltering. The Asian dress has trendy cut-on short sleeves, but I’d rather not use those as I’m not fond of showing off my upper arms or showing off my underarms to the casual observer. Also I have a skin cancer biopsy (it was negative) scar on the side of a bicep that looks exactly like the smallpox vaccination scars from the old vaccine used a few decades ago.
The sleepwear camisole and shorts are made for wovens, unlike my Kwik Sew pattern from the stash, so they will be very cool over humid summer nights. I like a sleep camisole with underbust elastic as it makes a shelf bra. Burda asks you to wear some floppy facings to finish the neckline hems–who wants that when they sleep? A far better solution would be to cut a second front and back from a knit to just under the bust, then sandwich the sewn-in elastic between the knit and outer woven layers. Voila, the hem is finished neatly, the elastic is off the skin, and you get a touch more support from a comfortable fabric.


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