on the horizon

I’ve hardly cut out a sewing project before I start dreaming of the next one. I have a serious urge to sew Knip Mode’s April issue dresses: they have a woven wrap dress with a full skirt, flat collar and a sash belt; and a Duro dress. The Duro instructions leave me a little wanting for info. However, it’s a ‘good’ Duro as it uses a zipper, which means it’s fitted enough to the body to make you look good. Duros without zippers tend to have a sack-like appearance.

My wrap dress has a special gingham waiting just for it: in light chartruese (a divine color on me), cotton with a hint of Lycra. It was 150cm wide, E4/m at Berger fabrics in Brussels, near Gare de Midi/Zuid Station. I have to prewash it or the 40C wash temp we use will shrink the heck out of it.

Knip Mode June has a new feature–a virtual magazine to flip through.
I have a pumpkin-colored linen, 150cm wide and also a E7/m steal from Berger (now out of stock), that is waiting for a home. I’m thinking of the Duro dress, with a contrast trim from my precious stash of Japanese cotton kimono fabrics I brought from Taiwan. This will obviously call for a muslin. The zipper also creates a problem. Where can I find a dark orange invisible zipper? So I’m waffling, which is perfect for a Bruxelleuse, between making a pumpkin Duro or just repeating the wrap dress in a solid deep orange.


2 thoughts on “on the horizon

  1. Hi Katharine, welcome to the blogosphere! I absolutely adore Knip Mode, I wish we could get them here in the US. I can’t wait to see your dresses! I hyperlink my photos from Flickr, it’s easy and it’s free.

  2. Hi Gigi! Wow you are quick 🙂 I just sent you an email announcing the blog 10 minutes ago. Thanks for the advice, I took pictures of the Knip Mode dresses and went to Flickr, where I already have an under-used account. I’m gonna give it a whirl!

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