Chinese tunic dress

I love Chinese and Asian-inspired clothes, particularly since I’ve lived in Asia for 5 years. Unfortunately, the garment lines of ethnic East Asian clothes look best on slender people with androgynous figures and long necks. Um, I don’t look anything like that, plus I’m short so my neck and overall figure are on a small canvas. Imagine my delight when I found Knip Mode’s March issue, with a nice wrap dress (‘tuniek’) with a curved V-neckline, Mandarin collar, and X-shaped design for hourglass figures. The collar doesn’t close in front, so it has the Mandarin’s height without visually shortening too much. I made a few design changes, like cutting the collar height in half to accomdate my teensy neck and cutting a full ‘inside wrap’ piece from bust to low hip. Now I don’t have to stitch a floppy interior wrap piece in place, nor do I have to worry about the skirt front flapping open in the blustery Low Countries. I thought I shortened it enough in tissue-fitting: DH measured it–but now that I’m pin-fitting it’s still too long. Well, better that than too short!


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