Wednesday night: TV & weights

Posting this separately so I can feel properly credit for it being a STRENGTH workout!

On Wednesday night I hauled out the ol’ 5# dumbbells and did a TNT 3 sets x 10 reps of 3 shuolder exercises, then for the heck out of, since I dread lower body weights to much and I’m out of it, I put in 3 sets of static lunges too. This was during TV, since a strength DVD was too much–had too much dread factor, plus since we moved to Brussels I can’t find where my resistance bands are, and Cathe uses those a lot for her ‘late model’ workouts.

In 2001 while I was in the (US) Army I broke my lower left leg at Airborne School, which healed in the bones but I have lots of ligament tears and a partially collapsed arch. No big deal, I just need arch supports and I should stay away from wearing heels (although that sucks, as I’m 5’1/156cm). And I shouldn’t do impact cardio like running anymore–the shin splints I got from overtraining were the lynch pin of the injury anyway. ANYHOO! From here onward even when I can squat 40# with Cathe, lunges always make me wobbly. In fact even when I’ve been training for a while I frequently need to go entirely weightless to truly do a full lunge with 90-degree angles in the knee. I do cheater lunges all the time–so I’m really proud I (a) talked myself into a late-night strength workout and (b) accomplished lunges with 10# of total resistance. Our heirloom Persian rug helped a lot, I stood on it so my legs wouldn’t slide–poor little fibers.

My weights are Powerblocks, which RULE! and if you don’t know, I’m referring to Cathe Friedrich who is an advanced fitness icon.


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