Elliptical trainer strikes again

Uh-oh, I’ve been doing a lot of cardio but not the strength work I’d planend for the week. Well, something is better than nothing but I know from experience that all-cardio will not budge the fluff that has so recently crept on (but I’m thankful the fluff is here, telling me I’m on the wrong track).
My GF Kristine (beangirl) and I swapped a Knip Mode I bought here and mailed for 2 ebooks that I couldn’t buy, as I don’t have a credit card anymore. (I always paid my cc bills, but it’s become clear I’m not going back to the US anytime soon and there was no need to continue paying fees on a bank account and charge card. Europe has a very different view of credit and I’m probably going to move over summer–back to Asia?–so there is no point in getting one here.)

I digress. I propped 2 boxes onto a chair, then perched my laptop on top and pulled up the ET as close as possible: close enough to press the mousepad and turn the page, but with clearance so my strides wouldn’t bump the setup. It’s my TNT workout regime: reading ebooks while low-impact jogging. I just love it, and an hour flies by without me noticing OR feeling deprived that my workout impinged on something else in my schedule.


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