Kinda like that numberical configuration.
Former Dutch prime minister hopeful Pim Fortuyn was assasinated 5 years ago today. His death rocked the nation, and honestly I feel the anti-immigrant backlash echoing still as I’m married to a Dutch man but have such enormous difficulty in living or working in his country. I can work in Belgium though via the EU.

On the agenda today is cardio. Normally I would turn to Jammin’ 32’s with Ann Marie Sill. It’s my favorite step workout of all time, I will do J-32’s for a step workout when nothing else works. However. I worked all morning, followed by a 7.5-hour teaching day so at this point I’d rather do something less workout-y and more fun. Need to combine the ol’ leisure time and workout. Enter the elliptical trainer while (a) watching TV or (b) reading a trashy ebook novel, my laptop propped up on a chair and boxes to eye level. I love the elliptical trainer so much I can easily overtrain on it. Tonight is Grey’s Anatomy and ya know, which I hardly follow because it’s so late and I have to get up early on Fridays–till next Friday! The 11th! When I quit my R&D job and go back to teaching.


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